A Scholarship Program for Engineering and Medical Students

  The Schedule

April 30 - Deadline for requests for application
June 1 - Deadline for all applications and transcripts
June 1 - Deadline for financial aid reports from college

  July -
August -
August -
Committee meets to select recipients
Applicants are notified and recipients must Acknowledge acceptance of award and provide secondary school or college transcript Checks are sent to the bursar at recipient's college
  Terms of Awards    

DiMauro Awards are grants that do not need to be repaid. The family of each applicant for a DiMauro award is required to file the Financial Aid Form of the College Entrance Examination Board (FAF). The financial need of each eligible applicant will be determined by a college financial aid officer's assessment based on family financial information. The scholarships will be awarded to Bridgeport area residents: Up to $3,000 awards to engineering students and $5,000 awards to medical students

  Renewal of Awards

A recipient of a DiMauro Scholarship will be considered for renewal up to the completion of a B.S. or M.D. degree providing they are making satisfactory progress toward the degree.

  Members of the DiMauro Scholarship committee

The Orazio Di Mauro Scholarship Committee is composed of a clergyman, a former college dean from the Greater Bridgeport Area and a College Professor who review and select awardees for financial assistance in June.